First Birthday and Christening Celebration

Leading up to the First birthday and Planning

When you first have a newborn baby it is hard to imagine ever planning their first birthday because it feels so far away. I had originally planned to have a quiet Family BBQ for her first birthday celebration and the reason I decided to scrap the BBQ idea, is because we had only recently moved into our new home a few months before Iyla’s birthday and it would have been too hectic trying to organize the home and back garden in time for the party. So we decided to combine her 1st Birthday and Christening, and this was the best decision and I couldn’t wait to start planning her day.

The Invitations

The invites are the starting point and set the tone for any special event. I found some inspiration on Instagram of course and decided to go with a soft baby pink carriage shape, with large glitter wheels and a glitter crown with black Italic writing inside the carriage with details of the Christening and Reception. The designs were bought to life by a company called Thakurpress.

The Christening Ceremony

We braced ourselves for a full and busy day because we had a lot to celebrate! We arrived at our local church bright and early at 11 am and Iyla gets christened. The service was 2 hours long and initially, I worried because I thought, ‘how do I keep a lively one year old happy and content for that length of time?’ Thankfully Iyla was good as gold and had a little nap during the service.

Family photo 21.07.19

The Photographer

Thankfully we have a family friend, a talented photographer named Wes Whyte who did all the photography at the Ceremony. He was super relaxed and snapped pictures throughout the entire day. He captured a lot of natural off guard moments too. I was so pleased that he was able to capture the joy and atmosphere of the day. The guests had professional group pictures taken by him in front of the floral backdrop as this will make a lovely keepsake for them from Iyla’s Christening.

Floral Welcome sign
A candid photograph
Floral backdrop


My mum contacted a magician named, Steve McGill who was a great asset​ to the party. He arrived after all the guests had finished their meals and he traveled to every table doing magic tricks for everybody. He was also a big hit with the children too, as he made animal balloons for them as well as magic tricks.

Details and Guest tables

Enchanted Fairy was my chosen theme, floral and fairy details were throughout the party. The welcome sign, at the entrance,​ was a 3d board with pastel orange, yellow, baby pink and white flowers inside the golden frame.

Each table had a tall gold vase carrying pink and white flowers surrounded by gold confetti. Every table also had a pink runner and pink bows on each chair.

Tall golden branches added even more height to the flowers, decorated with tiny fairies and butterflies which added such a magical touch. Tiny fairy lights are wrapped around the branches which had the room glowing beautifully! Each table had tiny white bags with a small white candle inside and personalized pink hearts with Iyla’s name written on them as the party favours. The welcome sign, table centrepieces, and floral backdrop were all hired from events specialists Georgie.

Food and Drinks

The reception began with a formal sit down meal, made authentically by Caribbean cooks arranged by a family friend.

Two bottles of wine one white and one red, in transparent ice buckets on every single table, to drink as a toast to the baby. Side note: my mother loves wine! The spare bottles which were leftover did not go to waste.

Dessert Tables and Sweet Cart

We had a beautiful white sweet cart, with lots of treats provided by a family friend, Carmen from her brand sweet daze. For the cakes we had cupcakes and a Peppa pig birthday cake, all personalized and sprinkled in glitter and topped with gold accessories, by a brand on Instagram called Sprinklemeecakes. The cakes looked great and they also tasted amazing! We also had a beautiful Christening Fruit Cake, baked in the traditional Caribbean style with Rum, made by a cook named Beverley. I bought Krispy Creme doughnuts the night before, for the dessert table and of course, this table went down a treat – everything went super fast!

Now that the party is over, it feels good to be able to relax and not plan any more parties for now. I spent a week eating birthday cake covered in buttercream and have no regrets!

My Top Tips:

  1. Respect the nap – if you’re planning to celebrate your little ones birthday/christening/or baptism let your baby nap as usual so that they aren’t in a bad mood and keep their favourite snacks on stand by so they feel as relaxed as possible.
  2. Allow plenty of time to plan, to ensure that planning is as stress-free as possible!

If you have a little one who has already had their 1st Birthday, what did you do to celebrate? Or if your baby is still under one, feel free to let me know what you’re thinking of doing for your little one’s first birthday!

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